Train K19 (Train from Beijing to Moscow)

K19 leave Beijing every Saturday. It departs at 23:00 and arrives Moscow at 14:13.


1. Ticket price is based on departure from Beijing station, please contact with us if departure from other destination. 

2. The times above are capital's time in each country. 

3. This train has deluxe soft class (2-berth compartment) and hard class (4-berth compartment). 

4. The time on your train ticket shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency. 

5. Train tickets are point-to-point only, i.e. Tickets are NOT valid any more once the passenger gets off the train halfway. 

6. Passenger must ensure the passport number on the train ticket are the same as printed on their passport, Trans-Siberian Railway reserve the right to deny boarding when passport number does not match with that on the passenger’s passport. 

7. Passenger should hold valid visa to entry countries if needed.

8. All prices quoted above and information provided herein are for general reference only and are subject to changes.

Please call us at +852 2735 5228 or email to to discuss your individual travel plans for Trans-Siberian route as well as trip pricing.