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Georgia, situated at the dividing line between Asia and Europe, is an ancient country of rugged mountains and very determined people.


Since the 12th Centuries AD, Georgia continued to suffer through decades of political influences and incidents not only the country attached by Mongols, annexed by Russia Red Army but also civil war and so-called “Rose Revolution” in the year 2003, in which the people of Georgia disputed the parliamentary elections in order to improve the strengthened the capabilities of the country’s economy and military. Nevertheless, the people there say they “Never Gave Up’, and those now enjoy their long-desired freedom and well developed.


Georgia - traditionally an agricultural land and quite famous for its wines; incoming tourists is one of the most significant increases in the country’s finance as international travel has increased especially along the Black Sea coastal areas but the Asia too.


Capital city                   Tbilisi
Time zone:                   (UTC+4)
Total area:                    69,700 sqkm
Calling code:               +995
Currency:                      Georgian lari (GEL)
Continent:                     Europe

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