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Mongolia is a vast and beautiful country, located in the heart of Asian Landscape in which has immeasurable huge grass of steppes, sand dunes, rocky and forest Mountain ranges. It is the 18th largest and the most sparsely populated, a population of 3 million, also the world's 2nd largest landlocked country behind Kazakhstan and Mongolia is far from seas and oceans.


Mongolian lifestyle is based on nomadic in which consists of very kind of nomadic tribes, the people who live there are under the blue sky and enjoying almost 280 sunny days per year and it is perfect for all types of travelers.


Capital city                   Ulaanbaatar
Time zone:                   (UTC+7 / +8[11])
Summer (DST)              (UCT+8/+9[12})
Total area:                     1,1566,000 sqkm
Calling code:                +976
Currency:                       Tögrög (MNT)
Continent:                     Asia

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