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Tajikistan located in the of Central Asia. 93% of the Republic is occupied by mountains, most notably by the sparsely populated Pamir Mountains, which include Mount Garmo, the highest point of the former Soviet Union.                        


Tajikistan is a stunning place from the Silk Road mystique of places like Khujand and Istaravshan to the stunning, untouched mountain scenery of the Pamirs and their accompanying allure of unclimbed peaks and virgin trekking routes. Recently, Tajikistan develops a tourism resource division which mainly handles te responsible steps made in accommodating the increasing numbers of travellers and a balance is being achieved, maintaining the cultural and environmental heritage of the communities.


Capital city:          Dushanbe
Time zone:            TJT (UTC+5)
Total Area:            143,100 km2
Calling code:        +992
Currency:               Somoni (TJS)
Continent:             Europe and Asia

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Sample Tour Program

Please call us at +852 2735 5228 or email to to discuss your individual travel plans to Tajikistan as well as trip pricing.

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