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Tour services

CIS Tour started life from late 1992, and as one of the first tour companies allowed into Russia following the breakup of the Soviet Union to operate inbound tour. Previously, all tourists had only been permitted through the Soviet state travel agency only.


Once we know your tour requirements, we will work with our industry partners based around the world and think of every detail, so that you won’t have to. We will create sightseeing itineraries, book hotel accommodation, arrange local transportation, find the best places to eat and drink, book tickets for the attractions and assist with visa applications. Our experienced staff know our destinations well, so we can speak from experience on the things we suggest and recommend.


Once your tour has started, we will provide ground support and work behind the scenes to manage every part of your tour.  Needless to say, our accredited guides will be there with you every step of the way. Whatever you want from your trip, we will do our best to accommodate.


In early 2000, we further extended our touring network to the Baltic countries in Europe, Tunisia in North Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. From 2014, we introduced countries along "The Belt and Road Initiative" which includes the Caucasus region, Central Asia, the so-called “five stan countries”, and Mongolia.


Our destinations may have expanded, but our mission remains the same. We firmly believe in providing customers with not only exciting places to visit, but also choices in what they do.


“Your tour should be about you and what you want to do - Make the most of it”

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