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Turkmenistan is a republic in Central Asia. The geographical position of the Republic is more advantageous than that of its neighbors due to the outlet to the Caspian Sea.  Turkmenistan is the country of deserts and oases as well as unique historical and cultural traditions. The most ancient civilizations of the world prospered on its territory. Turkmenistan is definitely the country of contrasts, especially today, when the cities of the republic have completely changed and become more similar to European megacities. 


Turkmenistan's tourism industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, especially medical tourism. This is mainly due to the founding of the Avaza tourist zone along the Caspian Sea. Every traveller must obtain a visa before entering Turkmenistan. 


Capital city:           Ashgabat
Time zone:            TMT (UTC+5)
Total Area:             488,100 km2
Calling code:        +993

Currency:               Turkmen new manat (TMT)
Continent:              Europe and Asia


Sample Tour Program

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